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The fight against deepfakes

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Last week at the Black Hat cybersecurity conference in Las Vegas, the Democratic National Committee tried to raise awareness of the dangers of AI-doctored videos by displaying a deepfaked video of DNC Chair Tom Perez . Deepfakes are videos that have been manipulated, using deep learning tools , to....
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Third funding round for cyber security - Electronics Weekly

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The third round of funding through the Cyber Skills Immediate Impact Fund (CSIIF) has been launched today by Cyber Security Minister Nigel Adams. “This latest round of funding demonstrates our commitment to make sure the UK’s cyber security industry has a skilled and diverse workforce and, through....
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Southern Company CEO Tom Fanning to Chamber crowd: Economy is slowing and its under attack - Tallahassee.com

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AMELIA ISLAND — Southern Company Chairman and CEO Tom Fanning confirmed what many in this crowd of 500-plus business men and women already knew. The economy is slowing down. “For all the tailwinds we’ve had, the economy is pausing,” he said. The executive gave a sweeping overview on high-level....
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Officials say at least 20 Texas government entities targeted in cyber attack | TheHill - The Hill

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At least 20 local government entities across Texas were hit by a ransomware attack, authorities announced Friday. The Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) said in a statement that officials from state agencies were responding to the cyber attack, but did not release the identities of affected agencies.
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Skills Every Ambitious Tech Professional Will Need in 2020

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Tech industry employment is a seller’s market firmly on the side of top talent, but competition for the best jobs remains fierce. Candidates cannot skate by on common skillsets and expect to secure the lucrative salaries, prestige, and perks for which the tech sector has become known.
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Hackers who attacked government systems neutralised by IT upgrade - sources - Times of Malta

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Hackers who repeatedly attempted to break into government infrastructure in recent weeks were blocked thanks to a newly bolstered defence system, sources said. Times of Malta on Monday reported that a group of Russian hackers, known as Turla, had been identified as the likely culprits after the....
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European Central Bank Shut Down BIRD Website Following Cyber Attack

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IT Security news and articles about information security, vulnerabilities, exploits, patches, releases, software, features, hacks, laws, spam, viruses, malware, breaches. European Central Bank Shut Down BIRD Website Following Cyber Attack.
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IG or Instagram Badge Verification Scam?

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There are hundreds of fake Instagram Badge Verification or IGBadge scam websites that will steal your Instagram account credentials and personal information. Therefore, Instagram users who have already been tricked by anyone of those fake websites are asked to change their Instagram password....
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Internet Crime, Safety Big Topics at Annual Expo for Seniors - WJON News

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ST. CLOUD -- Hundreds of central Minnesotans ages 55 and up packed the River's Edge Convention Center this weekend. The 17th annual Expo for Seniors was held Saturday morning from 8:00 a.m. until 12:00 p.m. Started in 2003, the expo is Central Minnesota’s largest event offering products and services for older adults.
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Latest Windows 10 update is causing random reboots and can break Visual Basic

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The latest update for Windows 10 is causing a string of issues for users. The update includes patches against two critical vulnerabilities , but it is leading to problems including random reboots and failure to install. The update was made available on Tuesday this week, as a defense against two....
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may have influenced Russia's actions

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The first part of special counsel Robert Mueller's redacted report addresses Russian interference in the 2016 election and any role the Trump campaign may have played in those efforts. What to know: Mueller defines election interference as comprising of 2 sets of efforts: The social media....
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Adware Posing as 85 Photography and Gaming Apps on Google Play Installed Over 8 Million Times

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The mobile platform is ubiquitous — enabling users to make online transactions, run their everyday lives, or even use it in the workplace. It’s no surprise that fraudsters and cybercriminals would want to cash in on it. Delivering adware, for example, enables them to monetize affected devices while attempting to be innocuous.
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Google: сотни тысяч паролей оказались взломаны

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Корпорация Google предупредила пользователей Интернета о том, что сотни тысяч паролей юзеров оказались скомпрометированы. В этой связи есть сильный риск утечки личной информации, которая может попасть в руки злоумышленников. Согласно исследованию, которое проводилось с помощью специального....
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"תאר לעצמך שמישהו גורם לכל הרמזורים בעיר להיות אדומים": המדינה נערכת לאיומי סייבר בתחבורה חכמה

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רשימת הקריאה מאפשרת לך לשמור כתבות ולקרוא אותן במועד מאוחר יותר באתר,במובייל או באפליקציה. לחיצה על כפתור "שמור", בתחילת הכתבה תוסיף את הכתבה לרשימת הקריאה שלך. לחיצה על "הסר" תסיר את הכתבה מרשימת הקריאה. שים לב: על מנת להשתמש ברשימת הקריאה, יש להתחבר לאתר.
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New WPA3 Encryption Protocol Announced By Wi-Fi Alliance

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The WiFi Alliance has announced the new wireless standard, WPA3, at CES in Las Vegas. Another standard of Wi-Fi security that enormously increases the security capabilities of the wireless standard. WPA3 has a several security improvements over WPA2 after the KRACK misuse a year ago influenced relatively every Wi-Fi supported device.
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20 Texas Cities Hit by Coordinated Ransomware Attack

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Twenty local government entities across Texas have been hit by a coordinated ransomware attack, the state's Department of Information Resources (DIR) announced on Friday. "Currently, DIR, the Texas Military Department, and the Texas A&M University System's Cyberresponse and Security Operations....
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Router Guest Networks Prone to Hacking: Researchers

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The guest Wi-Fi at your home is prone to hacking owing to inadequate in-built security, say researchers. Most routers sold today offer consumers two or more network options - one for the family which may connect all the sensitive smart devices and computers and the other for visitors or less sensitive data.
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Scammers increasingly distribute spam and phishing emails from legitimate websites

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Malicious internet users are increasingly exploiting registration, subscription, and feedback forms on websites to insert spam content or phishing links into confirmation emails from respected and trustworthy companies on a global scale. Malicious users are constantly looking for new methods to....
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Android users duped into downloading adware apps 8 million times

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Cyber security firm Trend Micro recently found 85 different apps for Android phones that are actually adware apps in disguise. These sneaky camera and game apps were downloaded more than 8 million times in total. The apps, which have been removed from the Google Play store after Trend Micro shared....
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6 signs your phone has stalkerware (and what to do about it)

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to know where you physically are located . In many cases, stalkers know exactly what you’re doing and when, too. One popular app uses GPS to track a phone’s location, gives you a full log of all calls sent and received, and even shows you text messages and web activity. This information is available online after you create a free account.
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