FEC says lawmakers can use campaign funds toward personal cybersecurity expenses - Washington Times

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The Federal Election Commission ruled in favor of letting lawmakers use leftover campaign funds for personal cybersecurity-related expenses, citing heightened hacking risks posed by virtue of their positions in the House and Senate. Commissioners announced their decision Thursday in a letter....
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Dopplegänger accounts are still a powerful tool for cyberstalkers

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Starting in 2017, Joel Kurzynski started to make life hard for his enemies. According to his plea agreement , he targeted four people in particular — a man and a woman — with a sustained cyberstalking campaign, sending harassing spam calls at odd hours and over a thousand texts.
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ZIP Shotgun – Utility Script To Test Zip File Upload Functionality (And Possible Extraction Of Zip Files) For Vulnerabilities

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Usage: zip-shotgun [OPTIONS] OUTPUT_ZIP_FILE Options: --version Show the version and exit. -c, --directories-count INTEGER Count of how many directories to go back inside the zip file (e.g 3 means that 3 files will be added to the zip: shell.php, ../shell.php and ../../shell.php where shell.
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Minor Bounce Lifts Bitcoin Price Back Above $3,200; Waves Making Big Moves

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Cryptocurrencies levitated off yearly lows Sunday, with Litecoin and bitcoin SV emerging the biggest winners following an early weekend retreat. Another shake-up in the top-20 suggests 2019 will be a pivotal year for altcoins and tokens, which have struggled to remain relevant in the face of....
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Avoid data blindness with strategic IT portfolio management

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Managing risk is the most critical priority for government CIOs and CTOs. Government agencies operate in an ever-changing environment with increased expectations by the public and legislatures to do more with less, prevent data breaches from cyber attacks, deliver robust new functionality for....
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US ballistic missile defense systems (BMDS) open to cyber attacks

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US DoD Inspector General’s report revealed United States’ ballistic missile defense systems (BMDS) fail to implements cyber security requirements. The U.S. Department of Defense Inspector General published a report this week that revealed that lack of adequate cybersecurity for the protection of the....
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Report: China Advancing Possible Surveillance Cryptocurrency

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The Chinese government is looking to create a cryptocurrency that will allow it to better monitor the financial conduct of citizens and institutions, Bloomberg Software developers at the People’s Bank of China have registered 78 digital currency patents since 2016, and, as of August, had registered....
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Data-Wiping Malware Destroys Data At Italian and UAE Oil and Gas Companies

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An anonymous reader writes: A new variant of the Shamoon malware was discovered on the network of an Italian and UAE oil and gas company. While the damage at the UAE firm is , the malware has been confirmed to have destroyed files on about ten percent of the Italian company's PC fleet .
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Thousands of Jenkins servers will let anonymous users become admins

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Thousands, if not more, Jenkins servers are vulnerable to data theft, takeover, and cryptocurrency mining attacks. This is because hackers can exploit two vulnerabilities to gain admin rights or log in using invalid credentials on these servers. Both vulnerabilities were discovered by security....
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Weekend Vulnerability and Patch Report, December 16, 2018

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Microsoft Patch Tuesday: Google’s website. Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday released updates to address dozens of vulnerabilities, some of which are highly critical within Windows operating systems, Internet Explorer, Edge, Office, Sharepoint, and other Microsoft products. Additional details are available at Current Software Versions.
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Cyber Week in Review: December 14, 2018 - Council on Foreign Relations

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Blog posts represent the views of CFR fellows and staff and not those of CFR, which takes no institutional positions. Here is a quick round-up of this week’s technology headlines and related stories you may have missed: 1. We have run out of Huawei puns.
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NATO and the European Union work together to tackle growing cyber threats - NATO HQ

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“We are pleased with the progress made to enhance our preparedness and resilience,” said Dr. Antonio Missiroli, NATO’s Assistant Secretary General for Emerging Security Challenges. “Our focus will remain on strengthening the ways in which we share information, train, educate, and exercise together....
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Maryland Man Jailed for 57 Months for Dark Web Drug Distribution

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A Maryland based man was convicted and sentenced to over five years in prison in a federal court. He was also given three years of supervision after release from the prison for what the court documents quoted as drug distribution and The man, identified as Ryan Farace, 34, was said to be involved in....
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Profitez de Noël pour augmenter la portée de votre Wi-Fi

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Ce répéteur Wi-Fi se branche à une simple prise électrique, son antenne prolonge la portée du signal sans fil. TPLINK / NICOLAS SIX / LE MONDE. Dans beaucoup de familles, la qualité de la connexion Wi-Fi est devenue un sujet de mécontentement. Plus vos proches s’éloignent de la box Internet, plus elle ralentit.
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Exclusive: T-Mobile, Sprint consider dropping Huawei, see U.S.... - Reuters

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(This story corrects paragraph 8 to show Wanzhou was arrested in Canada, not China) By Diane Bartz, Liana B. Baker and Greg Roumeliotis. WASHINGTON/NEW YORK (Reuters) - T-Mobile US Inc and Sprint Corp believe their foreign owners’ offer to stop using Huawei Technologies equipment will help with the....
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US allies may divide in containing Huawei - Global Times

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Photo taken on February 26, 2018 shows a screen displaying the 5G technology at the booth of China's telecom giant Huawei during the 2018 Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain. Photo: Xinhua. Voices against calls for a boycott of Chinese telecom giant Huawei have emerged in France and....
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Firm sees revenue jump as cybersecurity market grows - Newsday

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With future growth in mind, this year the company launched an online publication, Cybercrime Magazine; moved into new corporate offices, and built a production studio to film video presentations by key industry experts. “The goal is to double our revenues in the next 24 months,” says Morgan, 54, who goes by the title of editor-in-chief.
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Una vacuna para las abejas contra el “apocalipsis de los insectos”

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Entornointeligente.com / Lapatilla diciembre 16 2018, 9:55 am Posteado en: Actualidad , Internacionales Carlos Enrique Sales Cardoso, arrestado en una lujosa vivienda (foto AFP) El narcotraficante brasileño Carlos Eduardo Sales Cardoso, alias “Capilé”... Entornointeligente.
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Security Pros Get an IBM Security Community They Can Call Their Own

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. When my dad fell ill last year, I was confronted with a bewildering set of new challenges for which I wasn’t prepared. What therapies were available? What kind of support would he need? How could I balance caring for him with my other responsibilities? I found answers to these questions and many other others in online communities.
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Anatomy of a Cyber-Attack - Cyber Security for Critical Assets

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7 Phases of a Cyber Criminal’s Methodology. Hacks are ever-evolving and come in all shapes and sizes, making it dangerous to muddle them together into one category. But having said that, outlining the general methodology of most cyber-attacks in seven phases can be helpful for mapping tactical threat intelligence.
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